Using a Car Transfer to Buy a Car Despite Bad Credit

Those that have previously filed debtors court or bankruptcy may have an extremely difficult time financing a car. For many those that do not have access to public transportation, a vehicle is absolutely necessary. If you have bad credit, a nice car is not out of your reach. Car transfers can help.
Owners of cars that are in bad financial situations often seek others to take the car off of their hands. Car transfers are a good idea, as having the car repossessed will reflect poorly on their credit score. If your past financial troubles are indeed behind you, you may be able to help this person, and help yourself as well.

To seek out such deals, you should look in your local paper, and your local Craigslist listings. Make note of the automobiles you are interested in that are offered under these circumstances, but hold off on calling right away. The longer a desperate person has the car, the more willing they will be to complete a car transfer when you call. Usually, a period of two or three weeks before calling is sufficient.

Some individuals will be requesting a down payment. However, if they truly just need someone to take over the payments, they will waive it. Do not be afraid to ask for this when you make contact with the seller. Most car transfers are completed without having to pay a dime upfront.

Because you will not be able to get the car placed in your name initially, you will need to convince the owner that you are indeed responsible enough to make the payments. If a seller decides to enter into this type of deal with you, he or she will continue to be ultimately responsible for the payments, as well as the tag and insurance. This may not be a comfortable situation for them, and it may take a lot of talking before you are able to convince them that you will handle this responsibility in the correct manner.

If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. Do not get your heart set on one specific car, as it is likely that you will have to contact several sellers before you are able to complete a car transfer deal.

Once you and a seller agree to work on a car transfer deal with you, you will need to sign a limited power of attorney. This paper must be notarized. Insurance laws vary from state to state, but you will need to be listed on an insurance policy in order to properly protect the car. You may be able to obtain a policy in which the original owner is the primary driver, you are the secondary, and the lien holder will be the ultimate payee until the car is completely paid off. The seller may wish other paperwork be signed in order to help protect their rights.

With the economy as it stands, you are likely to find lots of car transfer deals out there. Being persistent is key. For those with bad credit, this is likely the best way out there to obtain a nearly new car.

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